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Select recent sermons by Rev Dr Kenneth Brown

delivered to the congregations of North Lake Macquarie Uniting Church





The Sad, Indignant Religious - 19th August 2019

It was mentioned that some churches are not very accommodating at all, and that the family would get what they were served! In other words the funeral service in the church is like this… like it or lump it!



Wait, Watch, be Alert - 11th August 2019

Waiting is something that most people don’t enjoy. What about seeing a long queue that you are going to have to wait in? You look at your watch, wondering if you’ve got time to wait.


A New Outlook

You have seen how the religious fervour of the Middle East can be stirred; how religious offence is easily taken; and when religious offence is taken how explosive and violent the situation can become. It’s dangerous to challenge the faith tradition in such a setting.


Welcome to All

You have heard it said, hate your enemies, but now I say unto you ‘love your enemies’… There have been some momentous moments of enemies meeting and greeting in world history. In South Africa after spending 27 years in prison Nelson Mandela is welcomed and embraced by long time enemy President PW Botha.


Blood Sacrifice or Love

Christian thought has never been static but has always been changing and developing and progressing. There are those who study these developments in faith in the history of religions and they help us see how our faith has developed through the years.


Love unlimited

She was a Canaanite dog, similar to the Samaritan dogs; these were deep-seated historic enemies of the Jewish people and enemies of the Jewish faith. Why would she use this proud Jewish title - was it because she would do anything for the sake of her daughter, even humble herself to the latest Jewish messiah?


Transfiguration Sunday     February 15th, 2015

At some point along the way as they journeyed withJesus it dawned upon them: his unconditional love for all, his life of compassion, his serving and giving and everything without favouritism or boundary or limit; his willingness to give himself utterly, his loveeven on a cross, his lovewas God’s love!


Pentecost       May 24th 2015

Pentecost takes on a new perspective immediately when we associate more closely the Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit’s activity, and our Holy Spirit experience to Jesus, to his ministry and to his calling.


Trinity Sunday    May 31st 2015

My God looks like Jesus, loving and serving, serving and loving. My God looks incredibly humble: the opposite of proud, majestic, glorious and victorious.


World Fear and Faith  July 10th 2016

I see nothing but trouble and violence and fear and hopelessness. I see hell on earth and if ever I saw the kingdom of Jesus I find it harder and harder to see today.

World Fear & Faith
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