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Weekly messages from Kenneth in 2020

Easter 2     After the highs come the lows in life.

19th April 2020   A response to Easter, a reflection by Rev Dr Kenneth Brown

Easter 3     Morning has broken, like a new morning!

26th April 2020  Think about it! Ask someone! Ask yourself

Easter 4     Follow me, I'm right behind you 

3rd May 2020    John 10:1-10, the Shepherd saves, protects and gives life. 

Easter 5     We all have our moments

10th May 2020   John 14:1-14, I was so afraid

Easter 6     All for one and one for all

17th May 2020  John 14:15-21, Humans are social animals

Easter 7     Just Pray

24th May 2020   John 17:1-11

Pentecost   Express yourself
31st May 2020  Luke 1:39-57, You just had to be there

Trinity Sunday   I said Zambia I meant Zimbabwe!!!    

7th June 2020   Matthew 28:16-20

Pentecost 2  Have some compassion

14th June 2020  Matthew 9:35-10:8, See the crowds, have compassion on them

Pentecost 3   The Songs of Life 
21st June 2020     Matthew 10:24-39   I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.
Pentecost 4  You're Welcome
28th June 2020   Matthew 10:40-42     Those that might find life in your welcome
Pentecost 5  In loving memory of Emerald Wardle
5th July 2020   Matthew 11:16-30     Come to me and I will give you rest
Pentecost 6  Food Glorious Food
12th July 2020   Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23     One act of generosity
Pentecost 7  Farming, gardening, weeding...and people
19th July 2020   Matthew 13:24-39, 36-43     Let someone know their beauty
Pentecost 8  All Lives Matter
26th July 2020   Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52     Not an ugly duckling but a beautiful swan
Pentecost 9  Your dinner’s ready, come and get it!
2nd August 2020   Matthew 14:13-21     Give out of love, not obligation
Pentecost 10  Feel like you’re drowning?
9th August 2020   Matthew 14:22-33     People have their own ways of spirituality, but not in church.
Pentecost 11  "Ach, dinna fash"
16th August 2020   Matthew 15:21-28     How do you survive?
Pentecost 12  Glass half empty, or half full
23rd August 2020   Matthew 16:13-20     People see things differently
Pentecost 13  Losing life - Finding life
30th August 2020   Matthew 16:21-28     A reflection by Rev Dr Rod Pattenden
Pentecost 14  Cultivating Wisdom
6th September 2020   Matthew 18:15-20     Not turning away from our spirituality
Pentecost 15  How are you surviving?
13th September 2020   Matthew 18:21-35     Shalom to you all.
Pentecost 16  Ultimate Generous Living
20th September 2020   Matthew 20:1-16     It is better to give forgiveness that to wait for an apology.
Pentecost 17  “You arrogant so and so!”
27th September 2020   Matthew 21:23-32     Who is the most arrogant person you have met?
Pentecost 18  “Stand up, Speak out”
4th October 2020   Matthew 21:33-46   Take courage and inspiration from those who stand up, and speak up at all cost to self, for the sake of their neighbour and for you. 
11 October 2020  “It is the very opposite”
 Matthew 22:1-14   You who think God is against you, who told you that? 
18 October 2020  “Stand up for your Truth”
 Matthew 22:15-22   I feel sorry for you.
25 October 2020  “So very relevant!”
Matthew 22:34-46   Some used to go to church, now it is irrelevant to them.
1 November 2020  “Reasons to be cheerful”  Every cloud has a silver lining.
8 November 2020  “Wise and Foolish”  If only I knew then what I know now.
22 November 2020  “Come on in” Matthew 25:31-46  Some people have inspired me.
29 November 2020  “Every body is having fun” Mark 13:24-37 Christmas without them 
6 December 2020  “Yes you can” Mark 1:1-8 "Easy to dismiss the bible." 
13 December 2020  “Christmas without them” John 1:6-8, 19-28 "Just forgive them." 
20 December 2020  “Merry Christmas” Luke 1:26-38 "I am the Lord's servant." 
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