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  Pastoral Letter to Our Congregation

Rev Dr Kenneth Brown
These difficult times are strange and challenging for everyone near and far, in countries all round the world and in every area of life - including our church life.

The minister’s letter is published on our church website; you can invite friends or family to read it there.

We can often find positives even in the worst of circumstances and as followers of Jesus we are encouraged to trust Him each day, to be positive and to look out for our neighbour.

Pray for each other as there are matters we can pray about for each other; keep in touch, share your news, there is plenty of good news to go around

If you take time to come round to ‘getting back to normal’ that would be quite understandable.

Jesus had done his best to prepare his disciples for the days ahead when he would no longer be present and promised them that he would still be with them.

I look forward to God’s Great Welcome on the 2nd of August, as we hear God say, “welcome home.”

How would you write a Psalm called ‘Psalm 2020’? Did you fear for yourself, were you fearful for others, what made you angry or rage and what did you celebrate?

I look forward to our return to worship on 4th October, surely our faith in Jesus has kept us in the knowledge that he never left us nor abandoned us but has been with us all our journey through.

You are, each one, loved and appreciated by your church, as we all seek to reveal the love of Jesus to each other and all.

Jesus is risen from the dead. There is a joy flooding my soul... my cup overflows, I have a feeling of new life coursing through me, I feel brand new, I feel born again, I see everything in a new light, I feel close to Jesus... His Spirit is in me. I want to sing... “Up from the grave he arose... Then sing my soul my saviour God to thee... Thine be the glory risen conquering Son... Tell out my soul the greatness of the Lord...”
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