Readings and Themes for Worship - December 2019

1st December: ‘Be ready’
Psalm 122 & Matthew 24:36-44

People are often ready and waiting and then when its time to go they say, "Oh where did I leave my keys?" And they weren't actually ready at all. Christians are to be ready to go to be with the Lord.

8th December: ‘The Old Testament
Isiah 11:1 -1 0 & Matthew 3:1-12

The Old Testament contains some of the faith's most wonderful stories. What are your favourite Old Testament stories?

15th December:'John the Baptist‘
Isaiah 12 & Matthew 11:2-11

John the Baptist the fearless, outspoken prophet. He prepares the way of the Lord. Prepare yourselves, prepare
your heart and soul, prepare for the coming of the Lord's

22nd December:’The Annunciation’
Isaiah 7:10-16 & Matthew 1:18-25

I bring you great news: great news for you and for all people.
News is often good for some, here is good news for ALL.

29th December: ‘The light shines in the darkness’
Luke 2:1 -14 & Luke 2:15-20

The joy of a baby.The wonder of a birth. And this birth will
change the world.

Peace be with you all,

This is the Word of the Lord:

Thanks be to God.

This is the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ:

Praise be to You, Lord Jesus Christ.