Readings and Themes for Worship - February 2020

2nd February - ‘Jesus presented in the Temple‘
Exodus I3: 1-2; ll-I4 & Luke 2:22-4

A mother's joy, the parent's joy, the family joy and community joy at the birth of a child. The way of celebrating this in faith terms is a joyful church occasion with prayers and singing and laughter. We celebrate with those who celebrated his presentation’

9th February - ‘You are the salt of the earth‘
Psalm 112:1-9 & Matthew 5:13-20

Be the presence of Jesus in all circumstances. Jesus surprises so many with his words of love and grace. His words are not condemning to tax collectors or Roman soldiers or his accusers. May our words and actions be in tune with His own.

16th February: ‘A New Commandment’
I Corinthians 3:1-9 & Matthew 5: 2|-37

Jesus gives new commandments, “you have heard it said but now I say to you" and Jesus offers a new interpretation and direction on an old teaching. Jesus, alive today, is still offering new interpretations let us keep in step with the Spirit.

23rd February — ‘The Transfiguration’
Exodus 24:12-I8 & Matthew 17:1-9

Who is Jesus? This passage helps point us in a very
particular and very unique direction: guiding us in the
way to consider him. Look and listen to Jesus for he is of
spectacular significance and importance

This is the Word of the Lord:

Thanks be to God.

This is the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ:

Praise be to You, Lord Jesus Christ.