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The Uniting Church at The Willows (UCAW)

1. UCAW aims to be an effective community resource. Consistent with its Mission and Values, in considering any application for Use of Complex, UCAW will favour those activities which clearly demonstrate a benefit to the community 
2. The Church has first priority for the use of all property. Reasonable notice will be given and if possible alternative on-site accommodation offered. Wherever possible Church Groups must give advance notice of their requirements 
3. UCAW is an outreach of the Uniting Church in Australia and operates in dedicated premises. All events are to observe standards of behaviour in this light. This is a key condition of any event on UCAW premises, and UCAW will retain the sole right to approve/cancel any event on this basis 
4. On rare occasions UCAW may hold an event that requires the User to move to another space in the Complex. The Church asks for understanding and would offer the User an alternative space if possible (giving maximum notice of this change) with no addition fees being incurred by the User


1. The amount of fees paid will be reviewed annually in relation to the expenses of the Complex 
2. Fees shall be set for the 12 months from 1st April to 31st March 
3. When fee changes for the coming calendar year have been determined, notice of such changes shall be sent to those Users holding existing User Agreements by 31st December of the current year 
4. Copies of the current fee schedule shall be available from the Church Office


1. The User shall have a public liability policy of at least $10,000,000. This Policy shall hold indemnified the Church, its office bearers and members for any damage, injury or accident on the premises arising out of the negligence of the User during or connected with the User’s occupancy or use 
2. The Church shall be provided with a photocopy of the User’s certificate of currency of public liability insurance. United Church Associated Bodies may be required to provide written confirmation of public liability insurance cover under policies held by the Uniting Church in Australia Synod of NSW and the ACT. 
3. When the User does not have public liability insurance cover, it shall take out Uniting Church in Australia Public Liability Insurance. The User shall complete the application form annexed and marked ’C’ and provide a cheque to the Church for the appropriate insurance fee


Issue of Keys 
1. Numbered keys will be issued on payment of hire fees and upon receipt of a completed and signed User Agreement, together with certificate of currency of the User’s Public Liability insurance or as arranged through UCA Services (see Form F) 
2. With the exception of users requiring year-round weekly access, all keys shall be returned to the Church Office Co-ordinator as soon as practicable at the end of the period of occupancy 
3. In most situations, the User will be required to place the key/keys in the Church letterbox, located in the block wall close to the entry path at the front of the property


User Information 
1. The User shall have the occupancy and use of the hired premises for the period or periods and for the purpose described in the User Agreement 
2. Property owned by the User and its invitees and brought into the facility is at the User’s sole risk and is not covered by any Church insurance. The Church will not be responsible for or liable to the User for any loss or damage to such property occurring during or in connection with the User’s use of the facility


Special Conditions

1. The User shall, at all times the facility is occupied or used or being set up under this Agreement, be responsible for: 
       a. Providing adequate and responsible supervision to ensure the safety of the facility and those persons involved with the User in its use of the facility 
       b. Providing adequate supervision of persons involved with the User in the use of the Church property 
       c. Avoiding any noise or action which will interfere with the Church activities or neighbours 
       d. Avoiding any action which is contrary to the Church mission, reputation or activities in the community 
       e. Avoiding any action which would cause damage or allow damage to the facility. Should any damage occur for any reason during the User’s occupancy or use under the Agreement, the User shall pay the Church the costs of such damage or loss to the facilities which arise as a result of the occupancy or use of the facility under the terms of this Agreement 
       f. Reporting of damage. (i) Should any damage to UCAW property be discovered upon arrival at the facility, the User shall advise the Bookings Co-ordinator or other UCAW representative 
       (ii) Should any damage to UCAW property occur in the course of the User's occupancy or use under the Agreement, the User shall advise the Bookings Co-ordinator or other UCAW representative


2. The User shall, at all times the facility is occupied or used or being set up under this Agreement, be responsible for: 
       a. Keeping the facility in a clean and tidy condition, and immediately cleaning any spillage or waste matter 
       b. Complying with the reasonable directions of the Church’s representative as to the use and re arrangement of furniture if any is used or moved by the User 
       c. Complying with any safety rules or evacuation plans in existence and which are annexed to this Agreement as Form E 
       d. Avoiding use of other Complex User’s personal property without permission


3. Smoking is not permitted inside any building,courtyard or parking area of the Church. Should people visiting the property while under the supervision of the User wish to smoke, they may only do so in outside open areas. The User must provide a suitable container for the collection and removal of ash and butts, and shall be responsible for removing this container and its contents from the facility. The container shall not be emptied anywhere on the Church property, nor into the creek, nor into any of the Church’s garbage containers, nor onto any property adjacent to the Church property, including gutters, pathway, roadway and street-front parking area.


4. Except for communion, consumption of food and/or drink is not permitted in the Church worship centre


5. Consumption of alcohol is not permitted on the Church property


6. Prior to departure, the User shall be responsible for: 
       a. Cleaning the floor area (vacuuming and/or washing) 
       b. Removing all rubbish/food scraps/droppings from the premises and replacing bin liners 
       c. Ensuring all furniture has been returned to its correct place 
       d. Ensuring all taps, lights, heaters, air conitioners, instant boiling water urns and other appliances are turned off or in the manner prescribed by the Church representative 
       e. Ensuring all windows and doors are secured. Entry doors require that the swinging door is pinned before the other door is locked 
       f. Activating the security system prior to departure. Please follow the instructions provided in the hand-out documentation


7. The right of the User to utilise the facility will not grant the User permission to use all equipment in the facility unless specified in this Agreement and then only in accordance with the terms, requirements and restrictions specified by the Church


8. Unless specifically authorised by this Agreement, the User shall not be entitled to utilise any furniture or fittings in the facility owned by the Church (continued on page 4)


9. The User shall not be entitled to store any goods, merchandise, equipment or other items in the facility except on such terms and conditions as are agreed to by the Church (as varied from time to time) and as are specified in this Agreement


10. The User shall only be permitted to attach an item to complex walls and noticeboards after having received the permission of the Property and Finance Committee, and any attachment so permitted shall be positioned according to directions and attachment means as advised by that committee


11. The User acknowledges that this Agreement shall not be capable of assignment, transfer, subletting or granting of any interest to any other person by the User and the rights conferred by this Agreement are personal to the User only


12. The User agrees that this Agreement does not give rise to a leasehold interest in the facility, only a right of non-exclusive use in accordance with the terms of this Agreement


13. The User will indemnify the Church, its officers and members for and against all damages, costs, claims and demands which are or may be made against the Church by the User or any persons, using the facility in connection with the Users purpose, for any loss, injury or damage to persons or property sustained and arising out of the negligence of the User whilst in or on entering or leaving the facility.


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