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Caring in our Community – Baptism, Wedding and Funeral

In times of joy, such as the happiness of the arrival of a baby, the traditional way to mark this great event is with the wider community. Our church is pleased to mark your joy with a baptism (also called Christening). A baptism declares the family’s highest joys, hopes and aspirations. Baptism also declares God’s unconditional love for your baby. The meaning and message of baptism is love: the love of family and friends, church and God.


Our minister will be glad to arrange a date, time and place for baptism. Both church and minister will be pleased to offer you a baptismal service that will echo your own joy and the joy of the community.

A wedding is an occasion of marking the happiness and joy of a couple together with

their families, friends and wider community. Our church has a great tradition of helping

a couple and their families to mark their happiness with a wedding service. Our

minister will be glad to hear from you and to listen to what you want for your wedding.

Our minister has the experience to help you work through the many options that are

available and lead you to the wedding which celebrates the love that you have found.

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Families and community come together at the sad time of bereavement, grief and funeral. Our

minister and our church can provide the kind of personal care that is sought and needed at this sad

time. Some think that the church is only there for those who believe what the church believes or for

those who have the same faith; not so. We care for all in our community without preference or

prejudice; all are welcome.


You, your family and friends will be guided through the dark valley with understanding of the grief

process and offered a funeral service that meets your needs. Our minister will offer care throughout

and then beyond the funeral service. Our facilities are both excellent and comfortable to host a

funeral. You can have every confidence in the respectful care you will be offered through our church

and its minister.

minister:   Rev Dr Brian Brown         phone:   0407 693 034                       email:

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