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What did Jesus do for me at Easter?

Easter Services

Palm Sunday 24th March (Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on a donkey)

9.00am    at Warners Bay Uniting Church

10.00am  at Boolaroo Uniting Church

Maunday Thursday  28th March (Jesus’ Last Supper)

7.00pm   at Warners Bay Uniting Church, Communion Service


Good Friday  29th March Remembering Jesus’ Crucifixion

9.00am   at Boolaroo Uniting Church

9.00am   at Warners Bay Uniting Church


Easter Sunday 31st March Celebrate Jesus lives today


Easter Sunday 9.00am at Warners Bay Uniting Church (Jesus is Risen)



Easter Sunday 10.00am at Boolaroo Uniting Church (Jesus is Risen)

A Lent Experience


Lent – 40 days of journeying with Jesus in the Judean Wilderness.


This can be a ‘real experience’ for us as followers of Jesus. We can ‘feel lent’ in body and spirit as we enter it more fully.


During the 40 days of Lent, some people ‘fast’ … that is, with Jesus, give up something during this time.


For example: some may give up their morning cappuccino, save that money and give it to a charity.


Children may give up their Friday evening McDonalds and use the money to buy food for our Food Distribution Programme. Some may give up alcohol, no wine at dinner and use the money saved to give to a drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme.


This can be a time where we feel the pinch of missing something we enjoy, sharing with those who are in need, and seeking to make a real and practical difference in the lives of others.


Some may offer their time and energy during these months to serve at a Food Distribution or some other area where they give rather than receive – even though they don’t have the time – so they experience Lent.


Along with this, there are our Bible readings in the Pulse magazine to lead us through Lent.


We can read these and meditate upon them, carefully listening to the voice of God, taking longer in prayer to listen more closely, making extended effort in this ‘spiritual exercise.’


Our Bible studies and church activities may begin with the Bible reading for that week in Lent so that we really follow through (together) in a Lenten journey.


We may experience a struggle in body and spirit – which is to be expected.


We may give up half way through.


That can happen.


We may lose interest, focus, determination – there is a lesson in this, Jesus didn’t!


So we learn something new and experience something new in faith.


This Lent can be an opportunity to face the challenge with Jesus, to face the demands on body and spirit and to be renewed.


May your Lenten Journey be a blessing to you that you may be a blessing to others.

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