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This begins our series on the Book of Acts. Acts is full of excitement and adventure as the risen King Jesus continues to work out his mission through his followers on earth.
Mission of The Risen King Jesus - Kids Talk Video (Acts Series Talk 1) - God’s plan from the very beginning of time is that Jesus would be the Risen King. And now, as the Risen King, Jesus commands his followers to tell people about him. This mission will be a dangerous one and many people will try to stop it. But we will see that the mission of the Risen King Jesus cannot be stopped!
The Holy Spirit Empowers Jesus' Mission - Kids Talk Video (Acts Series Talk 2) - If it were left up to Jesus’ followers, there is no way the mission could continue. But with the power of the Holy Spirit, we will see that the Mission of the risen King Jesus cannot be stopped!
Jesus is Powerful to Save - Kids' Talk Video (Acts Series Talk 3) - we see the power of the Holy Spirit as he helps Peter & John heal a lame man and speak to a huge crowd of people about Jesus.
Nothing Stops Jesus' Mission - Kids’ Talk Video (Acts Series Talk 4) - We see that it isn’t always easy to speak about Jesus. Sometimes, people will do whatever they can to stop us. But even in hard times Jesus’ mission will go on because the mission of the Risen King Jesus cannot be stopped.
The Risen King Jesus Changes People - Kids’ Talk Video (Acts Series Talk 5) - Saul, who later became Paul, tried everything he could to stop Jesus’ mission. Until he met the Risen King Jesus! In this Kids’ Talk, Bubbles the puppet interviews Saul himself to find out how he went from being a leader of those against Jesus’ mission to becoming one of the key leaders in the unstoppable mission of the Risen King Jesus.
Peter has a lesson to learn about God's kingdom - Kids’ Talk Video (Acts 10 & 11 Series Talk 6) - Everyone is welcome in God’s Kingdom! Using puppets, stories and a fun animation, this Kids’ Talk will help kids see that God wants all people to accept Jesus as their King and be part of his Kingdom forever.
Jesus is the real King - Kids’ Talk Video (Acts Series Talk 7) - It’s a battle between two Kings and the Kingdoms they rule. King Herod is a powerful human King who seeks to overcome and destroy King Jesus and his Kingdom. But the Book of Acts shows us that Jesus is the only REAL King.
Jesus’ Mission is Spreading! -  (Acts Series Talk 8) Acts 13-14 - Come and join Paul on an incredible journey! Not to the beach. Not camping. Not even in a car! Beginning and ending in Antioch of Syria, Paul, with the power of the Holy Spirit, takes the message of the Risen King Jesus wherever he goes.
The Message of The Mission: Repent and Accept Jesus as King - (Acts Series Talk 9) - Acts 15 - What does it mean to be a real Christian? Do you have to be a certain type of person? Do you have to do certain things? That’s what some people were saying in Acts chapter 15. But NO! This video assures us that the only way to be made right with God is by repenting and accepting Jesus as our King. This is what being a real Christian is all about. And it’s for anyone!
Jesus’ Mission all around the World - (Acts Series Talk 10) - Join Paul in this Kids’ Talk video from Acts 16-28 as he travels from place to place telling people of the Risen King Jesus. He faces shipwrecks, riots, snake bites, and jail but nothing can stop Jesus’ mission from spreading!
Sharing Jesus Around the World: Mayhews in Ethiopia - As we encourage you and your family to look for ways of sharing Jesus with friends and family in your local neighbourhood, this week's "sharing Jesus around the world" introduces us to a family who are doing that far from their home in Australia. In this episode Scruff and I (Matt) speak with Wayne and his three children Caleb, Evie and Ben (he's so cute!) about their life in the country of Ethiopia.
Jesus and the Stinky Fisherman- From a fisher of fish to a fisher of men! Meet Simon Peter, a not so smart, not very good at his job, smelly fisherman. After a long night fishing without catching any fish, Simon Peter meets Jesus and his life is changed forever! Jesus calls Simon Peter to follow him and tell people about him because Jesus wants everyone to know him, trust him and be part of his Kingdom forever.
Jesus and Kids- Are kids important to Jesus? The Bible says yes! This week’s Kids’ Talk video brings to life the story of Mark 10:13-16 to show that Jesus wants kids to come to him, trust him and be part of his Kingdom forever.
Jesus and the Lost Man - Luke 19:10 - In this week’s kids’ talk video, we meet a man who was a thief, a cheat, a liar and no one liked him. He truly was lost. But ANYONE can be found by Jesus! Jesus came to save people so they could become friends with God!
Jesus and the Bad Guy - Luke 23 - Hands up if you’ve ever done the wrong thing? What does God think about people who do the wrong thing? In this week’s Kids’ Talk video, we find out that whether people have done only a few bad things or lots and lots of bad things, all people can be accepted by God because of Jesus.
Acts 2.38 Memory Verse Video (Acts Kids' Talk Series) - Week 2
Peter said to them, "Each one of you must turn away from his sins and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, so that your sins will be forgiven ;and you will receive God's gift, the Holy Spirit."