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Vision 2021 … adopted by Church Council

…is for North Lake Macquarie Uniting Church Congregation to be a community that follows

the commandment of Jesus to love one another as He loves us.

To achieve this vision:

   ➢ We will continue to share the story of Jesus with others recognising that The Church

exists in a challenging and different world from that of the past.

   ➢ We will endevour to continue to follow the example of Jesus and show:

        • Loving kindness

        • Genuine welcome

        • Sincere acceptance

        • Providing for needs

        • Understanding and care

        • Willingness to listen and support


   ➢ We will continue to build contacts and positive relationships between the community

and the church through the many existing activities that occur within the life of the

congregation and maintain a willingness to take up opportunities as they arise.


   ➢ We will maintain a welcoming and safe environment for all within church activities

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