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Pastoral Care at The Willows

Pastoral Care is being a Shepherd of God , or more simply, a Caretaker of God’s people here at The Willows.

A good biblical sermon is good ministry in itself, but is only administered by a select few, most of whom are Ministers in their own rights. Only a few of our congregation preach from the pulpit but each one of us can preach sermons unannounced every day when we provide Pastoral Care in a multitude of ways, often without knowing.

The concept of Caring, "Love your neighbour as yourself" has been part of God’s guidelines of Christian Living for Humanity when He solved the loneliness of the first human being.

Contact with someone sick, lonely, distressed, troubled coping with problems of this modern day life, grieving or by providing shopping, transport, cooking or a cup of coffee are all simple ways to give Pastoral Care and well within the reach of us all.

Pastoral care in churches is a form of ministry that provides emotional, spiritual, and practical support to individuals and families within a religious community. It is often provided by the pastor or other members of the church's pastoral staff.

In churches, pastoral care may include providing counseling and guidance to individuals and families dealing with personal or relational issues such as grief, addiction, or marital problems. Pastoral care may also involve visitation to those who are sick or shut-in, as well as providing spiritual and emotional support during times of crisis or loss.

Other forms of pastoral care within churches may include teaching, preaching, and leading prayer and worship services. Pastoral care is an essential part of the church's ministry, as it helps individuals and families navigate life's challenges while strengthening their faith and relationship with God.

“Be not forgetful to welcome strangers or visitors for thereby you may welcome angels unknown."

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