Our Minister's weekly message in 2021

3 January 2021  “Happy New Year?” John 1:1-9 "Wishing someone a Happy New Year doesn’t make it so. Flesh it out, make it happen, and make it so" 
16 January 2021  “Living Well” Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21 "How we love that ring of truth." 
30 January 2021  “You just call out my name...” Mark 1:21-28 "Our life journey is part of someone else's too." 
7 February 2021  “A Challenge” Mark 1:29-39 "How do you see Jesus." 
14 February 2021  “Let your light shine” Mark 9:2-9 "The uniqueness of Jesus." 
21 February 2021  “Terrible decision!Get your eyes tested! Mark 1:9-15 We can all be a bit inconsistant.
28 February 2021  “Share the load Mark 8:31-38 "The chaos continues."
7 March 2021  “Because you're worth it! John 2:13-22 "Jesus is angry."
14 March 2021  “Love the World John 3:16 "For God so loved the world"
28 March 2021  “Joy and Celebration” Mark 11:1-11 "Give meaning to our deepest human emotions"
4 April 2021  Easter Sunay “Wishing you the lot” Mark 16:1-8 "Sense of Spirituality"
11 April 2021   “Follow, follow” John 20:19-31 "Doubting Thomas"
18 April 2021   “Fake or the real thing” John 20:19-23 "Love gives, love does not count the cost"
25 April 2021   “Shepherds” Psalm 23 "How have you been kept from harm."
9 May 2021   “A whole  lotta lovin. "Spat apon for doing it."
16 May 2021   “It's wicked! It's just evil!”  "In the name of humanity just stop!"
23 May 2021   “Spirit of Life”  "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord."
6 June 2021 “Good and Evil Mark 3:20-35 "Jesus bridges the gap."
13 June 2021 “Would you forget? 1 Corinthians 13:11 "When I was a child I thought like a child."