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Articles of Interest

Items that have been found interesting and instructive.

How Do You Resurrect an Empty Church?

Can chatbots write inspirational and wise sermons?

The Kingdom - showing the character of Christ—not a culture of celebrity - John Squires

The Hillsong experiment is over. - Cherie Gilmour

From the Statement from the Heart to the Voice to advise Parliament and Government - John Squires

We now know exactly what question the Voice referendum will ask - Anne Twomey, Professor, University of Sydney

The Gospel According to Bluey - Dr Katherine Grocott

Easter is Why - Rev Simon Hansford

Pope Francis’ Christmas Mass Homily – Vatican City, Dec 24, 2022

Santa's Prayer

There is no reward - Rev Geoff Peterson – Luke 17:1-10, 2.10.2022 Wesley Castle Hill Uniting Church

Life Lessons - Since I'm a fan of guidelines that are practical and easy to remember, I figured I'd share my favourites here--along with a few of my own thoughts.

11 Ancient Solutions for Modern Malaise The Roman philosopher Seneca’s essay “On a Happy Life” is full of lessons that are as pertinent today as they were two millennia ago.

An end-of-life doula’s advice on how to make the most of your time on earth  Life is short. Here’s how to cherish every day of it.

A catalyst for renewal - New & Renewing Ministry - Rev Mat Harry - 20.7.2022

Growing in number – it’s not about working harder, it’s all about relationships. - 27 June 2022

‘What are our lives for?’: a philosopher answers kids’ existential questions

103 bits of advice I wish I had known before.

Acceptance - A chapter from “Come out the wilderness” by Bruce Kenrick

The Impatience of Job

Where is contentment to be found?

God's passion for us spills over into real life.

Understanding Apocalyptic - “this is but the beginnings of the birthpangs.”

Meeting Others in Our Path - Be prepared for God to direct you on your path to encounters with others.

Beware that no one leads you astray - Sarah Alice Allcroft, reflects on the passage of Mark 13:1-8

What does it mean to be Protestant in the Contemporary World?? - Rev. Dr Geoff Dornan

What is it going to take? - We raced back to how it was after COVID stopped church last year…are we going to do the same thing again?!

The Unmaking of the White Christian Worldview

Pentecost - address delivered Sunday 23rd May 2021

Trinity - address delivered Sunday 30rd May 2021

The shifting sands of COVID and our uncertain future has a name – "liminality"

Saltbush – Uniting the Scattered Community, seeks to encourage and connect Uniting Christian communities, irrespective of size or location, and to affirm their place within the wider church and community.
The Radical Reset - Churches are very comfortable places to go when you’re a part of that community.
Sowing Seeds before the Apocalypse – Martin Luther’s Response to Climate Change! 
This summer has brought with it drought, bushfires, hailstorms and flooding. It seems as if the end times are upon us.

First Peoples knew the creator God before colonialism.

Aboriginal spirituality and Christianity have much in common, but Uncle Vince Ross thinks there are a few things Christians could learn from the First Peoples to make their faith more holistic.

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