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Articles of Interest

Items that have been found interesting and instructive.

What Spiritual Growth Actually Looks Like.

From 5 to 100 - Sheffield Uniting Church, Tasmania – service in the community

The Church vs Culture War (or: why we should stop blaming everything else and start looking at ourselves)
The Gospel According to Mark read by David Suchet
The Great Reset (Isa 11:1-16)
This is the Church
Does Revelation tell us when the world will end?
No, the Bible wasn’t written for you
The Long History of How Jesus Came To Resemble a White European
It only takes one - Australians are thinking more about God and admitting it, out loud!
The Key to Ending Chaos
Saltbush – Uniting the Scattered Community, seeks to encourage and connect Uniting Christian communities, irrespective of size or location, and to affirm their place within the wider church and community.
The meaning of life: Australians praying more during COVID-19

A Prayer of our present difficult time

The Radical Reset - Churches are very comfortable places to go when you’re a part of that community.
Sowing Seeds before the Apocalypse – Martin Luther’s Response to Climate Change! 
This summer has brought with it drought, bushfires, hailstorms and flooding. It seems as if the end times are upon us.

First Peoples knew the creator God before colonialism.

Aboriginal spirituality and Christianity have much in common, but Uncle Vince Ross thinks there are a few things Christians could learn from the First Peoples to make their faith more holistic.

That God Exists
Wonder at Christmas

If God Should Speak - a dialogue for two voices about The Lord's Prayer

10 Things Mentally Strong People Give Up to Gain Inner Peace

Ancient Wisdom Weaving Today's Wonder

Why are you still a Christian?

5 things to remember about the unchurched

The message of the Christian faith

A New Way to see in the Bible

Change the Uniting Church

Why go to church?

How Utah Keeps the American Dream Alive

I doubt it! A thought about doubting

All of this us - Personal Reflections of 40 years of Uniting Church in Australia

God vs Science

What Jesus means to me
When I Say "I am a Christian"

How to destroy a manager

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