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Katchup with God - for kids

Check out the videos with Karen Mitchell-Lambert who is ordained in the ministry of Deacon

This week we are learning about dry bones.

This week we are talking about Doubt. We will hear the story of Thomas who had some pretty major doubts about Jesus.

Todays a day for an adventure! Hear the story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus

A nice journey in the Bush as we hear the 23rd Psalm

Easter can be a confusing and concerning time for kids and it can be hard to know how to talk about it. Journey with Krazy Kaz to explore the themes each day. 
Maundy Thursday: we talk about how it is a time of remembering. Remembering who we are and how God has been good to us.
Good Friday: pretty serious for Krazy Kaz but there are good things to learn. God loves us no matter what, God forgives us and God knows what it is like to go through a hard time.
Sad Saturday: the day the disciples thought Jesus was dead for good, is not usually talked about in the Church but is a great opportunity to talk about being sad and mad. Krazy Kaz looks at these feelings, talks about them being ok to feel this way and what to do when we have these feelings.
Easter Sunday: He is Risen! Krazy Kaz may go especially crazy on chocolate but is also Krazy about Jesus being alive and that it reminds us God can overcome everything! 
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