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Charlestown Uniting Church service
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Rev Mark Watt
Charlestown Presbyterian Church service
26th July 2020 - Job 1:1-23 'Never have I felt so broken, yet never have I felt so whole.'
2nd August 2020 - Job 3:1-26 'That’s the thing about life, it can all change in a phone call.'
16th August 2020 - Job 28:1-28, Job 33:1-30 'Where are we going to find the wisdom that you and I need to make sense of living in a world that is full of suffering?
23 August 2020 - Job 38:1-33 & Job 41:1-16 'God speaks! Imagine that. God coming down to talk to a man.'
30 August 2020 - Job 42:1-17 'Because that is what God is like. He is a God of grace'
6 September 2020 - Titus 1:1-9, Titus 1:10-19 'How do we live in two worlds?'
20 September 2020 - Titus 3:1-8, Titus 3:9-15 'Christians are people who have been changed by God and as a response to what God has done in their lives now want to do good for God’s sake.'
27 September 2020 - Leviticus 1, Romans 12:1-2 'Because the Bible never separates doctrine and life.'