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Perhaps you or someone you know is looking for something different when it comes to “ Church”... 


Why do people come?
“I have the chance to think and be challenged ”
“It‘s OK to question and safe to say what I think ”
“It changes the way I live as a Christian in response to modern issues ”
“We explore the bible from different perspectives, and I learn so much ”
“There‘s time and space to share with each other ”
“Its flexible and casual format suits our family ”
“I don‘t fit in at a regular church service anymore ”
“The teaching and input is outstanding ”

“The group appreciates that life and faith can be complicated and there aren‘t always easy answers ”
“Wednesday is my church, I wouldn‘t go anywhere else otherwise ”
“We are keen to learn more about the concerns and interests of different people our local community and show solidarity where we can ”


What’s coming up? In coming months we will be following two themes:
“People of Compassion” Looking at the examples of Christians who have modeled extraordinary compassion and courage in their context - which has transformed history, shaped their relationships and teaches us a different way of living.
“Looking at Jesus in a new way ”
We will consider many of the well-known stories of Jesus with new insight — looking at the paradoxes, meeting the challenge of God‘s mission as told by Jesus, responding in ways which makes Jesus real...


If any of these statements or themes resonate with you, then come along and give it a go
We meet on Wednesdays, 6.00pm — 7pm(ish) At The Willows, 342 Hillsborough Rd, Warners Bay.

Contact - Rev Dr Kenneth Brown 0422526269

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