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Hold that Thought

Are you a bit tired of viral cat videos, people sharing their photo shopped lives on Instagram and people getting outraged about, well, everything on social media? Hold that thought wants you to stop, pause for about 90 seconds listen to what Jesus has to offer you in your everyday life. Hold that thought seeks to start honest conversations about a range of everyday topics about spirituality -- without all the baggage.

51. Is your life on autopilot? - Rev Richard Harris
52. What might it be time for now? - Rev Christine Palmer
53.Perhaps - MOLK Senior Pulse Field Officer
56. We are made for connection - Rev Christine Palmer
59. Who are the Easter People? Rev. Rebecca Linsday asks what fears are holding you back from seeing with Resurrection eyes?
60. How waiting can be transformative for us. What have you learned from waiting? - Rev. Christine Palmer
61. Perfect love casts out fear - Rev. Joy Steel-Perkins "How do those around you feel about lockdown?"
62. Look at the Birds - Richard La’Brooy "During lockdown it’s easy for the four walls to close in on us."
63. Bubbles - Rev. Danielle Hemsworth-Smith. "How do we experience God's wonder in a world full of restrictions?"
64. Perhaps - Bob Monk "A time to rethink the way we engage in the ministry of God."
65. Joy - Rev Ellie Elia
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69. Think positive - Rev. Jon Humphries, School Chaplain at Ravensood, Philippians 4:8-9
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