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Effective 1st July, 2017 (see note below)

Fees: a. These will be reviewed annually in November/December and the schedule set, with rate changes coming into effect from 1st April the following year (in line with the Public Liability insurance dates as set by UCA Services) b. Hours of Use shall be calculated to include set up, and post-activity clean up and re-instatement c. The User will be charged an additional amount for the hire of the facility if the agreed hours of use have been exceeded for an unreasonable period. Public Liability Insurance: Except for church services (weddings, funerals, special services) held in the Worship Centre, any person or group (User) hiring the facility must have Public Liability Insurance Cover in place before the date of the hire. Casual public liability insurance is available for an extra fee (refer Form F).

Cleaning fee: An extra $50.00 fee may be charged if premises are not left in a clean and tidy state by the User



Hall includes tables and chairs, basic audio-visual equipment, and use of toilets, fans or air conditioning units.

Excludes use of Kitchen


Non-profit organisations

Rate for 1 hour                  $27.00                           Half day (4 hours) or evening            $75.00
Rate for 1 to 2 hours         $48.00                           Full day (8 hours)                            $140.00
Hourly rate thereafter        $15.00 per hour             Full day plus evening                      $205.00


AV support (depending on requirements)

Rate for first hour              $50.00                           plus $30.00 per hour thereafter.


Table cloths (16 available) can be hired at $4.00 each



A kitchen charge will normally be incurred, and is additional to Hall hire fee;. Charges have been broken down to assist in identifying the applicable level

Limited Service (Level 1): Suitable for providing tea, coffee, cool drinks, and biscuits/sandwiches                                                                      $45.00 

Minor Service (Level 2): Use of ovens and microwave for reheating finger food or simple meal preparation plus service of tea and coffee        $95.00                                   Major Service (Level 3): Use of kitchen plus cool room. Suitable for preparation and service of a full-dinner                                                     $190.00



These separate, comfortable areas, each with tea making facilities, are suitable for small group meetings and activities. Two small office-type rooms (Meeting Rooms 1 and 2, included in fee) adjoin the Community Room. The church foyer area is a self-contained, air-conditioned space (only available if church is not being used concurrently)

Rate for 1 hour                $18.50                           Half day or evening (4 hours)            $45.00
Rate for up to 2 hours     $26.00                           Full day (8 hours)                              $85.00               
Hourly rate thereafter      $10.00 per hour

YOUTH ADMIN OFFICE                                     Hourly rate                                         $11.00 per hour



Weddings           $270.00

Includes use of foyer and toilets, surrounding grounds, rotunda and car park. This sum covers the use of the church for rehearsal and day of wedding service. Use of Kitchen and/or Hall will require that Public Liability insurance cover be arranged (refer Form F)

Church opening fee (rehearsal plus wedding service) $65.00     Organist $85.00

Floral arrangement (silk flowers)                                  $150.00     AV support (depending on requirements) rate for 1 hour     $50.00

Additional for fresh flowers or extra silk flowers -- (purchases to be reimbursed) Hourly rate thereafter $30.00


Minister to be approached for other fees that may be charged to cover other direct costs associated with the wedding event. (e.g. celebrant's fee, paperwork). Other services required by the wedding party will be directed by the Minister to the Church Office Co-ordinator and/or Bookings Co-ordinator. External celebrant, not recognised by the Uniting Church as a celebrant, will be required to hold public liability insurance (or arrange same through UFS, at current fee for a single event).

Funeral services                      Minister to be approached 

Funeral or other catering        A morning or afternoon service of tea/coffee/cake and sandwiches can be provided by Church Aid (see below for catering charges). Main contact Rhelma Willis, 4948 8352  (alternate contacts Beth Travis, 4946 8265; Lyn Scanlon, 4946 6301; Carole Cook, 4954 0389)


Other functions within Worship Centre
The Worship Centre can seat 230 people comfortably and consideration will be given to requests for the use of this space. The area is suitable for conference and entertaining functions such as concerts. No food or drinks can be consumed within this space, and no consideration will be given to activities that include the service of food or drinks within it. Consideration will be given for the use of the room in conjunction with the hire of the Kitchen and Hall areas for the service of food and drinks.
Each hire will be subject to conditions listed in the User Agreement. The hire of the worship centre does not include the use of the Hall or Kitchen.


Hourly rate                                          $65.00 per hour
Half day or evening (4 hours)           $270.00
Full day (8 hours)                              $520.00


Additional fees may be applicable depending on audio-visual requirements

Requests to use the Worship space by both congregational and other parties will be considered by the Finance Committee and other appropriate Church Committees before approval is given. A written submission indicating the nature of the group, the purpose of the gathering, the planned activities, and the hours of use shall be made by the party seeking to hire the facility. No approval can be given without provision of these details.


Catering charges

a) Cost per person (sandwiches, selection of slices, tea, coffee and cool drinks)        $9.00 per person
b) As above plus selection of hot finger foods                                                               $11.00 per person
c) As in selection A plus fruit platters                                                                             $11.00 per person


These fees may be reviewed by Church Aid who will offer specific quotes for each event.

For the funerals of congregational members these fees do not apply. However, reimbursement for fixed cost recovery plus a donation to Church Aid would be most welcome.



Presbytery and Synod meetings

No cost recovery required

Uniting Church-related service providers

On occasions the Hall and Kitchen may be hired to Uniting Church related service providers. An example is Lifeline.

On these occasions NO HIRE FEE will be charged as defined in this document (in accordance with the Church’s Mission Statement to assist in the community where possible). However, a fee for fixed cost recovery will be required, calculated at $11.00 per hour.



On occasions the hall and other areas may be used by the local schools. These are for periods of short duration, and usually in conjunction with Church-sponsored activities. Generally NO HIRE FEE will be charged where the activities are student-oriented. A signed User Agreement will be required, and all User conditions will Apply.



If a Church member uses the Hall and/or Kitchen for a private function there is no set hiring fee. However, a donation to the Finance Committee towards fixed cost recovery would be most welcome. As a guide $11.00 per hour is deemed an applicable rate.

Public Liability insurance must be arranged, as set out in Form F.

A signed User Agreement will be required, and all User conditions will apply.



In the spirit of community service the Finance Committee recognises that in some instances discretion may need to be applied. Parties with special need will be considered and appropriate rates determined on an individual basis.

Parties using the facility for private purposes must hold or arrange Public Liability insurance, and if arranging this through UCA Property Services, all rates currently in force will apply -- this is a requirement by UCA Property Services, and is not discretional.


John Scanlon, Chairperson Finance Committee , January 2017