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Parramatta City Uniting Church

Online Services celebrated in 2022

19 March 2023 - John 9:1-41 - The Rev, John Barr reflects on the Gospel story in "John" and the difference between "Healing" and "Curing" and whether disease and disability is part of God's plan.

12 March 2023 - John 4:5-42 - Stuart Elliott reflects on Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well. Why is this meeting so remarkable?

5 March 2023 - Genesis 12:1-4a and John 3:1-17 - Geoff Stevenson reflects on Abram and Sarai and asks 'what's stopping us from letting go?'

26 February 2023 - Genesis 2:17-17, 3:1-7 - Join Rev. Russell Davies and the team as we reflect on Adam and Eve, the Serpent, the Tree of Life and what it means to be 'really human'.

19 February 2023 - Matthew 17:1-9 - Rev. Geoff Stevenson reflects on the Transfiguration and those moments in our lives that call us out of the everyday and into God's transforming love.

12 February 2023 - Matthew 5:21-37 - Bruce Bennett reflects on Jesus' challenge in Matthew's Gospel. In this day and age, how are we to hear this reinforced focus on the commandments?

5 February 2023 - Epiphany 5 - The Rev. John Barr talks about what the "mind of Christ" means and reminds us that you don't have to be clever to be the "mind of Christ", just be Christ to others.

29 January 2023 - Epiphany 4 - The Rev. Geoff Stevenson reflects, not only on the "Beatitudes" from the Gospel of Mathew, but also from the book of Micah and the instructions from God, to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly, with our God.

22 January 2023 - Our Day of Mourning - On this Sunday before Australia Day, we celebrate diversity with Rev. Russell Davies and recognise the importance of reconciliation with the First Peoples of this nation.

15 January 2023 - Epiphany 2 - The Rev. Geoff Stevenson talks about the way in which the world doesn't seem to move on and challenges us to sing a new song.

8 January 2023 - The visit of the wise men - The Rev. Geoff Stevenson challenges us, following the lights and excitement of Christmas and New Year, with a post Christmas biblical passage from Matthew and how that might challenge us. "Light in our Darkness". Wherever there is pain and passion, love and hope, where kindness and compassion and justice flourish, God is present.

1 January 2023 - New Years Day - The Rev. John Barr reflects on the Matthew version of the Christmas story, of the three wise men and Herod and the subsequent horror of the massacre of the children and contemplates about how does "power" react when threatened and how should we use our "power", for hope and justice for all people.

25 December 2022 - Christmas Day - Luke 2:1-20 - Rev Geoff Stevenson talks about what extends him to Christmas and what are the moments where we experience Christ breaking into our lives.

18 December 2022 - Advent 4 - Matthew 1:18-25 - Rev. John Barr reflects on the story of Joseph and Mary. How hard must it have been to deal with the stigma of an unmarried pregnancy? And how amazing is the promise of God in His gift to the world?

11 December 2022 - Advent 3 - Isaiah 25:1-10 - Bruce Bennetts reflects on how and where do we find God in times of pain and despair, as well as in the good times.

4 December 2022 - Advent 2 - The Rev. Russell Davies reflects on a four letter word used in Advent.

27 November 2022 - The Rev. Geoff Stevenson tells a true current story and explores being peace and hope in a world of pain and struggle.

20 November 2022 - Luke 23:33-43, 2 Samuel 5:1-5 - Rev. Russell Davies invites us to think differently about our leaders.

13 November 2022 - Luke 21:5-19 - Rev. John Barr shares his reflection on Luke 21. Understanding the signs of change and always focusing on the future.

6 November 2022 - Luke 20 -Bruce Bennetts reflects on Luke 20 and the challenge of the Sadducees. What happens in the resurrection to the woman who married seven brothers?

30 October 2022 - The Rev. Geoff Stevenson talks to us about the way Jesus always saw the potential in people and how that relates to us.

23 October 2022 - The Rev. Geoff Stevenson shares with us his thoughts on the Luke 18 passage and how we are all in the same mess and need grace.

16 October 2022 - The Rev. Russell Davies shares his reflection on the Luke 18 passage about the Judge and the nagging widow and the story's meaning for us.

9 October 2022 - The Rev. Geoff Stevenson reflects on the Luke 17 passage of the "Ten lepers" and what it's like to live on the borders of life that wants us to behave in one way and also be faithful to a God who seeks to have us live in another way.

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